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For luxury holidays that are cheap Pete Bennett is the man to see
Who's a Tenerife estate agent and businessman, can probably help if you're seeking affordable high-end holidays abroad then Pete Bennett. Pete runs an agency that provides affordable holidays in Lanzarote Tenerife and Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, and also in mainland Spain, Malta, Greece, the uk, India and Thailand.
I conducted a brief interview with Pete so he could tell you and what he has to offer.
Hello, my name is Peter Bennett and I have lived in Tenerife. I also run an excursion company as well as a money exchange and am an estate agent. I've a travel agency online as well that offers cheap high-end holidays in many destinations around the world at the same time as here.
Please describe your businesses.
It is mainly aimed at flats, holiday lets and villas as well as contains residential properties in the area.
My cash exchange - Ready's Cash Exchange - as well as the excursion company have now been running in excess of 15 years and are situated. We offer excursions on Tenerife that comprise island tours, trips to Loro Parque (Parrot Park), Jungle Park and Siam Park.
What would you say folks are seeking when they're contemplating booking a holiday?
Value for the money, easy as that! The reason we have been called Cheap Holidays is because we are looking for those who are looking to save money. We offer high quality holidays for prices that are really affordable.
What can you say folks are seeking when they are contemplating purchasing a property?
They could well be looking for somewhere that would suit their families and would desire a swimming pool on the complex, but others are wanting to save on the costs so don't desire a swimming pool. The bulk so are contemplating making an excellent investment for the years ahead and are seeking an income that is ready here.
And finally, why Tenerife?
Tenerife's main attractions are the island's closeness to the UK as well as winter sunshine. Its and is essentially close to Europe. Tenerife is where you're more or less guaranteed the best winter weather.

Pete Bennett has a main economical-holidays website where you could find details of the services he offers and find out more about the holiday destinations, as well as contact details.
Cheap Holidays also offers a remarkable referral programme. After enjoying a holiday with us for the very first time, several of our clients refer their family and friends to take advantage of one of our special offers. For each person you refer we will offer you a weeks lodging for GBP 50 of our resorts listed on the web site.
Affordable flights may be arranged in addition to affordable high-end holidays. In the continuing economic crisis Pete Bennett's Affordable-Holidays could be exactly what you need! Affordable is the word!

If you have any sort of inquiries pertaining to where and ways to utilize on the beach Staff discount, you can call us at the web-site.